Photography is the beauty of life captured.            - Tara Chishold

This is me

I recently received this image. Captured by my uncle Jos in the late 70's or maybe early 80's. we think I was at a recital at a local community center and this photo not only speaks a thousand words, I see the love it was captured with. It is a beautiful memory that I will treasure forever. And I printed it immediately after receiving the digital photo.

Capture the little moments!

This is me again and photo credit goes to my Uncle Jos again. Everyone knows the time that you or your children looked like this we all go through these fases, but it is also a memory, how I lost these front teeth, that it was difficult to eat an apple for a while, that I just got my ears peirced and had no clue which products to use best for my mixed hair. There was no special occasion for this photo, I think, there was no graduation, birthday celebration or sports championship to celebrate. It was just me with missing front teeth. And I love that my uncle took the time to capture that moment. It is a printed photo on my wall.

Time flies by so fast

Don't blink, they are teens before you know it, you will remember they were little like it was yesterday...All the cliches are true. We are busy with every day life, we work, raise our kids, volunteer, take care of our homes and it is so easy to capture these little moments. This photo was captured in 2010, my girls were 2 and 6 years old and it was the first time in years we had ice and snow in the Netherlands. I forgot all about this memory and these phots until I had to look for family photos recently. All these memories came back instantly. It is a cellphone photo and as a photographer, I cringe a bit when it comes to light and composition, but the memories warm my heart.

What moments can you photograph to capture your family history?


  • Graduations
  • Birthdays
  • Recitals
  • Sport Games
  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Family reunions


  • First day of school
  • Last day of school
  • Riding your bike without training wheels
  • First time driving with a drivers licence
  • Interacting with their family

First times

  • Cooking a meal
  • Baking a cake or cookies
  • Reading a book
  • Tying your shoes
  • Writing your name
  • Watching a movie at the theater

Every day life

  • Reading a book to your children
  • Braiding their hair
  • Having breakfast together
  • Picking them up from the bus
  • Cuddling together on the couch
  • Game night

But what about the moments you want to capture that include yourself?

There is always a good moment for a photosession

This family started to book their family sessions with me right after their youngest daughter was born, she was only a few weeks old. I've captured them every year and I love to see them grow up, capture their personalities and take family, individual and sibling portraits. I have many clients who are doing well in capturing their family moments, but most of the time are not in the photos themselves, because they are the family photographer. Let me help you to capture some moments that include YOU, your family photographer as well.

You have the option to take some posed, formal family photos or have me capture every day life moments in a lifestyle session or I can capture some celebrations that include your extended family or moments that include you on stage and no one in the audience to capture those memories.

PLease contact me for more information or to schedule your session.