Welcome to my client portal! 

This is where you can find and access your photos after your session. 

It’s no secret: I prefer printed photos. You can read all about why I think they’re invaluable in this blog post. However, I understand the convenience of having easy access to your digital images. That is why I offer a user-friendly online gallery and app you can access from any of your devices alongside my printed products. 

Once your images are ready, you will receive the password to access your gallery and instructions about what to do next. From there, you can pick your favorite photos, look through my product offers, and order your images (both digital and print). 

Thank you again for choosing me as your photographer! I’m always interested in keeping in touch, even after we’ve completed a session and you’ve received your photos. I’d love to see how you’re enjoying them! If you share your photos or your printed products on social media, tag me. I can’t wait to see!