When you have a dance photoshoot it is important to be prepared when you come to our session. If you have no idea what poses you want to show it might be a good idea to do some research. Op Instagram you can find the hashtags #dancephotography #dancersofInstagram #dancerspose #dancersogig or #imattertojordan are just a few of the many dance accounts on Instagram. For each pose, make sure you are safe, don't go on or in unsafe locations, make sure you are warmed up and know what you are doing. Some poses look amazing, but need a lot of practice or flexibility. It is better to execute a pose you are really good at, than to photograph a pose that is not 100% correct.

Pinterest is also a great location to find danceposes, if you enter a more specific search word, like ballet, hiphop, pom or tap, you will probably find more style specific dance poses.

Most important, execute your pose with confidence and attitude and your photos will look amazing!!

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