Why I recommend to print your images?

When you book your session or are interested in a session, I will ask you: What was the last time that you printed your images, if you EVER look at the images stored on your computer and if you are ever looking for a certain image and how easy you can find it. 

Many of our photos are stored on CD's or DVD's. When we talk about the average life of a CD stored in optimal circumstances is only 5-10 years. If you store CDs in hotter or colder climates, or use them often, they don't last as long. Professional prints produced on archival paper can be hung in your home for at least 5-10 times longer than a CD's life. And remember the floppy disk? Any photos stored on those can not be opened on todays computers anymore. But my box with printed images from 1995 is somthing my family and I love to look at on a rainy day (and of course, my girls laugh about our hairstyles and clothes....)

And, as much as we don't want to think about it, catastrophe's happen. Your phone can fall in the water, your computer may crash or get stolen. The parents of a friend lost their home in a fire a while back and when they had to evacuate, they took the photos with them, not the CD or DVDs, not the computers. Their photos.

That is why I always tell my clients to print their images. When you want to order printed products, I will help you with selecting the right product for your images and place the order at the professional labs I work with.

But what is the right size to order printed products?

First, there is no right size, the best answer is, what is the right size FOR YOU!

On the top of this blog you will find some different sizes of prints, but that does not mean anything if you don't see images in there.

A large group photo can be beautiful in a 30x40 size, but you have to stand very close to see everyone in the 8x10 wall print. Maybe you don't like to see yourself in a 20x30 canvas on your wall, but you do like to see your children in that size. Or, if you don't like one big wall portrait, maybe you like a combination of a few smaller prints. Anything is possible! I have a special software that can show you exactly what your photos will look like on your wall (you just have to send me a quick cell phone photo of your wall) in a certain size or in a certain combination of sizes. It's very easy!

Need help, guidance or advice?

I'm always here to help you select the best products and photos for your home, your office, your studio or your online branding!

You can order directly online or contact me through the CONTACT ME button