Where do you start?

When you schedule your family photo session, the first question is: Where do we go?

You don't want to be in a location where everyone else is going, or don't want to have the same photos of the same location each year. But what do you want? Some of my clients have a beautiful location in mind, where they have a beautiful fountain or wall they like to self portraited with. Most important information I give my clients: it's not about the background!

If you want to have family portraits taken, you would like your family to be the most important part of your photo. You don't want to get distracted by a huge fountain or a backdrop that also screams for attention. In my opinion, your photos are about you and about your family and the bond and love between you all. That should be the center of the attention.

This does not mean that a backdrop is not important at all! Picking the best background can also depend on the season.

Do you like fall colors? Definitely make sure to schedule your session between the end of September and the beginning of November (there are even apps that show you what the prediction for best fall colors will be for 2020)

Do you like winter wonderland? The pine trees, snow, Christmas decorations are all beautiful backgrounds to capture your family portraits. For extremely cold days, younger kids might not feel comfortable outside for longer times and snow is not always predictable in our area, but when we do get snow, I would be happy to capture you and your family playing outside in the snow!

I think spring is my favorite season for family photos, it's not too hot or cold yet, the new green leaves and blossom in the trees make a gorgeous scenery for family photos!

And for summer, I always make sure to schedule at least a few beach sessions, especially for extended family sessions. When all your family members are together for your beach vacation, there isn't a m,ore beautiful background than the beach and the ocean for your family photos, that will be fantastic memories to have for you and your family!

So if you want to schedule your spring or summer session for 2020, contact me directly here.