for High school seniors, College Grads and

5th and 8th grade students

Pricing & FAQ

I feel for all these high school seniors ( and of course also the college grads and 8th and 5th grade students) that will not have the celebration and special moments they envisioned to have. I was so looking forward to capture these moments and these kids and am looking forward to the moment that the lockdown is lifted and I am allowed to photograph again.


Tax and Shipping ($15) not included.
See FAQ for more information



Tell me more about these yard signs!!

Of course there is nothing that can replace these moments and ceremonies. But if you are looking for a way to share how proud you are of your child, my lab now offers personalized yard signs in 2 sizes:
18x24 ($25) or 30x40 ($50)
(see third photo for size 30x40)

- Free Metal H-Stand Display Yard Stakes
- Printed on 4mm Waterproof Corrugated Plastic
- Long Lasting, Fade-Resistant UV Inks
- Printed in the USA

What photo should I use?

On this page you will see some samples I created for 2 of my High school seniors. But there are many options and you can add any text!
If you select a photo from one of our previous sessions (family, senior, dance ect.) You will receive a 20% discount on each sign ordered.
You can also use a photo you have taken yourself, but they have to have a certain size (3-5 MB) to enlarge them.

Can I use a photo taken by another photographer?

If you want to use a photo taken by another photographer, please ask them first if they offer this product as well. If they don't, I can only order this sign with a print release for that photo.

What is the turn around time?

Shipping: $15 (bulk orders (>3) will receive 25% discount on shipping cost)
Turn around time: 14 days (at this time, during lockdown normal time is between 5-7 days)