Beat Addikts United &

Sandrien B photography

are offering one page to find all the BAU photos and

information on photo ordering in one location.

You will find photo gallery links for all the photos captured during BAU events like the holiday party, the annual showcase, Delawareness, Community Dance fest and BPT performances.

You will also have the option to purchase high resolution digital photos or prints and you can read all about it on this page as well.

Please make sure to you read our terms and conditions.

Welcome to this page!

2023 Galleries

The Password for all BAU galleries is #ONEbeatONElove23

BAU 2022-2023 Holiday Party

Delawareness 2023

BPT performances 2023

Group photo

Includes session fee and a high resolution digital group photo.



Includes session fee and 3 high resolution digital photos.


Print + digital

Includes session fee and 3 high resolution digital photos and 3 printed 5x7 photos.



Includes session fee and 4 high resolution digital photos, two 5x7 and two 8x10 printed photos and 8 wallets.



What should I wear?

Ms Amy will tell you what to wear and more about your hair and make up should be done. Please make sure to arrive ready to be photographed.

For Headshots tube tops, off the shoulder tops and for make up Matte Lipstick and too much highlighter are not recommended.

Can we buy more photos than included in the package?

Yes, the photos from the entire session will be available in an online gallery and will be shared with you. You will be able to order printed photos directly online. Prices and fees for dance team sessions are only valid for a limited time and different than regular sessions.

Can we select which photos we want printed?

Of course! You will receive a link to a password protected private gallery. You can select each photo for a printed or digital portrait.

How long will it take for us to receive the photos?

It will take up to 4-6 weeks to receive the private link to the gallery. Once you selected your photos, it will take up to 2 weeks to deliver the products to your home.

How much experience do you have?

I photographed the Underground Dance team in 2019. I'm also the photographer many other local dance teams and studios and have photographed dancers for the cover of Delaware today magazine. You can see more of my work on Instagram or my website.

Can I, as a parent, be at the session?

This is up to the studio owner. It also depends on the location of the session. We prefer to have the dance studio owner or the photographer giving directions for the poses as this prevents kids from looking not into the camera, but at you.
Usually studio directors prefer not to have photos shared online before the actual reveal by them. Ms Amy will share her policy with you when you ask her.

Can I use the digital photos for an audition?

Yes! Abolutely. In fact, a lot of the dancers I photograph use the photos for auditions, school applications or yearbook photos.

How do we prepare for the session?

Please look at dance posing if you want your full lenght photo to be a dance pose. Follow instructions about outfit, hair and make up. You will receive instructions from the photographer how to pose best with the lighting and location.

do you WANT me to photograph your dancer in a full session?

or do you want to get more inforation about a senior or personal branding/Headshot session?


Prices and fees for recital and dance team sessions are only valid for a limited time and different than regular sessions.

Click on this photo to book your Personal SENIOR session.

Click on this photo to book your HEADSHOT or BRANDING session.