Mr Andre, Miss Emily

and Sandrien b photography

are offering individuals and group photos

for Flomotion Xclusive dancers

For the annual Flo-X Dance team photo session

We will photograph on May 8nd, 2021 - 12pm-3pm

Photo location: Cira Green

CDC regulations for COVID prevention will be followed.

by booking a session online with Sandrien B Photography, you read, understood and automatically agreed with our terms and conditions.

Get to know your photographer

Hi, I’m Sandrien!

As a portrait photographer, I have plenty of experience photographing dancers. I shoot editorial-style photos that capture real emotions and body language, so you get photos that look natural. My goal as your photographer is to make your dancer feel comfortable and confident. I have plenty of creative ideas for dance pictures that will create a fun and unique experience! Together, we’ll create stunning photos that capture their true personality.

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What others are saying

about my full session experience


On multiple occasions, I have had the privilege of shooting with Ms Sandrien and it never has been anything short of amazing. As a professional model in the dance industry, it's easy to expect the photographer to have a lack of compassion when it comes to understanding what your model can and cannot do. Not with Ms Sandrien, she always goes the extra mile to make me feel comfortable, confident, and fierce in front of the lens. She has been a pleasure to work with and makes every photo session fun, memorable, and filled with joy.

Leah G. – PDT, FloX and BAU dancer

I always love working with Mrs. Sandrien! She is not only a great photographer, but a wonderful person as well. Working with her brings out the best in my personality, which she does a great job of capturing in the pictures that she takes. While shooting during the pandemic, she took proper precautions and did everything she could to ensure my safety as well as her own!

Emily D. – FLO X co-director

Sandrien is always a pleasure to work with. During my session, she made me feel so comfortable! Her direction made me feel confident and now I have so many beautiful photos. Sandrien’s work is incredible. Her energy is infectious and she makes the experience memorable every time! I will never hire any other photographer. 

Sandrien is a cover photographer for Delaware Today Magazine.

What you need to do?

For flo X dancers only

Click on one of the photos to select the package

You don't have to book a time. May 8th is already reserved for Flomotion.

This page is just to make it easier for dancers to sign up without printing model release forms.

  • Click on the package photo of your choice
  • You will be taken to a lead form that you have to fill out with your dancer's information
  • Select one of the three packages in the Lead form.
  • After you signed up, you will receive 2 emails within 24 hours.
  • One with an online model release form
  • One with an invoice to pay for your package.
  • All documents need to be signed and payed for before the session.

When you prefer to pay in cash or by check, please reply to the invoice email with your preferred payment method.


What should I wear?

Mr Andre and Miss Emily will tell you what to wear and more about your hair and make up should be done. Please make sure to arrive ready to be photographed.

Can we buy more photos than included in the package?

Yes, the photos from the entire session will be available in an online gallery and will be shared with you. You will be able to order printed photos directly online. Prices and fees for dance team sessions are only valid for a limited time and different than regular sessions.

Can we select which photos we want printed?

Of course! You will receive a link to a password protected private gallery. You can let me know which photos you would like to print in a certain size.

Can my dancer be photographed without a mask?

We will follow Flo X, CDC and location guidelines when we are in the photographing. This means the photographer will wear a mask at all times. When the dancer is in front of the camera and can keep a safe distance from other dancers in the room, the dancer does not need to wear their mask. Dancers need to use handsanitizer when entering and leaving the location. Temperature checks will be done when entering the building. Please make sure to keep everyone healthy. We would like you to quarantine If you have been exposed to Covid, been tested positive, await a Covid test or if been in close contact or living with anyone who has been exposed to or been positive with Covid. We can always schedule another moment to photograph you.

How long will it take for us to receive the photos?

It will take up to 4 weeks to receive the private link to the gallery. Once you selected your photos, it will take up to 2 weeks to deliver the products to your home.

How much experience do you have?

I photographed many events for Mr Andre and was the photographer for the annual Flomotion Xclusive sessions in 2017-2019 and even the Merch branding session in 2020. I'm also the photographer for Beat Addikts United, TOCD performance team, Shannon Cooper's Academy of dance, 313 Dance Company, PAdua Dance team and have photographed dancers for the cover of Delaware today magazine.

Can I, as a parent, be at the session?

Feel free to sit outside on the rooftop while we take photos. We prefer to have Andre, Emily or the photographer giving directions for the poses as this prevents kids from looking not into the camera, but at you.
Flo X directors prefer not to have photos shared online before the actual reveal by them.
Feel free to grab some lunch in the area if you don't want to wait outside. We will stay on the roof top location for the entire session.

do you WANT me to photograph your dancer in a full session?

or do you want to get more inforation about a senior or family session?


Prices and fees for recital and dance team sessions are only valid for a limited time and different than regular sessions.

Click on this photo to book your FULL SENIOR session.

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